Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy)

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            Series : Kirby
         Developer : TOSE
             Genre : Ball and paddle games

not completed.
Who says you need more than 160x144 pixels?

Log entries

  • [3922]
    A surprisingly good Arkanoid clone, with detailed refinements to the formula and varied level elements. You control between one or four paddles; for boss battles, there is one paddle in every side of the screen. You transform the ball into a Kirby by pressing (A) when it hits the paddle, and the bigger Kirby does more damage to blocks and enemies. A great touch to the controls is that Paddle speed is relative to distance between ball and paddle, which I haven't seen before in other non-paddle controller Arkanoid clones.
  • [3923]
    Completed level 2/11.
  • [3924]
    Completed level 4/11. I'm playing on the Masterboy emulator for PSP.
  • [3926]
    Completed level 5/11 at Aladdin's Møntvask.
  • 2014-12-08
  • [4839]
    Completed level 1/11 on my new SUPER GAME BOY! Plugged into my SNES, this thing runs Game Boy games with extra colors and annoying borders that I wish I could disable.
  • [4845]
    Hmm.. Savegame doesn't work. Probably the battery in the cartridge.
  • 2017-03-11
  • [7554]
    Yep, battery didn't magically start working. I should order a 3.8mm Game Bit to open the cartridge and a new battery. Maybe from


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