Splatterhouse (PC Engine)

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Image source: retrogameage.com

Log entries

  • [10107]
    This is a pretty accurate port of the arcade game. I played it in RetroArch using the 'Beetle PCE FAST' engine. I beat stages 1-3. The stage 2 boss, the fun Poltergeist house, was an amazingly annoying boss.
  • [10108]
    In this version of the game, you have 5 continues, and then no more.
  • 2020-10-09
  • [11206]
    The game has a level select cheat, from GameFAQs:When the prologue starts up and there's a house in the rain, press Select 3 times, followed by pressing and holding down-left on the directional pad and then press button 1 or 2. It'll bring up the option to select a level..


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