Splatterhouse (Arcade)

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Log entries

  • [3834]
    I remember trying this arcade machine as a kid. I fascinated with how bloody and grotesque the game was. I only saw the arcade machine the one time.
  • 2019-10-27
  • [10125]
    I wanted to play a spooky game for my YouTube channel to end Halloween in style, so I went back to this old spooky game. I played through the first 3 levels while recording from MAME using the aviwrite option. However, the recording was lost, as it currently only records a few minutes until the raw AVI output reaches 2 GB.
  • [10126]
    I came up with a better solution for recording MAME: I record the input using -record and save it together with the 'nvram' file to ensure compatibility with dip switches etc. I then play it back using -pb while recording to OBS. Even if something goes wrong with the OBS recording, I can try again, as I still have the source. Neat.
  • [10127]
    I completed stage 1-3 in 17 minutes and then banged my head aginst the tricky stage 4 for a while before temporarily giving up.
  • [10128]
    I used the dip switch-enabled level select, and completed stage 4.
  • 2019-10-28
  • [10132]
    Scrambling to create a few horror-themed videos for the last couple of days of Halloween, I recorded my unsuccesful attempts at beating stage 5. I joined yesterdays stage 4 videos with this recording.


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