Atari 50 (PlayStation 5)

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Scores - VCTR-SCTR:
 18279 ...........  on 2024-04-20

Scores - Neo Breakout:
 12438 ...........  on 2024-04-20


  • Representation of Game Collections

    Inspired by how cool this collection is, I decided to redesign how game collections are represented in this database. For pinball games, I had a nice solution where I would have a page for the original game itself, and then references to collections that emulated the game. For instance, Black Hole is currently emulated in 4 different games, such as Visual Pinball for Windows and Pinball Arcade for PS4.

    For emulation packages with video games, I used to have a page for each emulated version of the game, so Street Fighter II would have a separate page for

    • the arcade game,
    • the Amiga port,
    • the game emulated on PS4 in the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and
    • the game emulated on PS5 in Street Fighter 6.

    I think the ports require a separate page, because they might be very different from the original, but the emulations are less unique and less deserving of their own page.

    I have reorganized most of these Game Collections with emulation references to the original games, and moved entries that used to belong to the specific emulated games to the original game as well, to gather them in one place. The only downside to this structure, is that the entries from emulated games should probably mention which game collection I'm playing the game in.

    I have now gone through the Digital Eclipse collections:

    And other collections:

    And even Street Fighter 6 which contains a rotating roster of Capcom arcade games.

    Pinball collections were already represented this way:

    Including, of course, the Farsight Studios' 'Pinball Hall of Fame' series:

Log entries

  • This seems like it's the greatest historical game collection ever made. Over 100 games, documentary material, and a nice looking frontend - on sale for 179 DKK.

  • Got the score 12438 in Neo Breakout.

    Neo Breakout is an OK version of a Breakout-style game. It starts out in black and white and then gets color and 3D graphics after the first level, in a similar way that Bit.Trip: Beat did. Although not as graphically well-designed.

  • Got the score 18279 in VCTR-SCTR.

    VCTR-SCTR is an amazingly fun game that mixes Asteroids Deluxe, Lunar Lander, Tempest, and Star Wars into a fun action--packed sequence.

  • 2024-04-25
  • According to Ars Technica, arcade games newer than 1983 such as Marble Madness, Paperboy, or Gauntlet are not in the collection, due to modern day Atari (previously Infogrames) not having the rights for them. Some of these rights are owned by Warner Bros.

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