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SCE Japan Studio

Also known as SIE Japan Studio,Japan Studio, Asobi Team

Games developed:

7 games in database, 2 completed (29%). Year range: 1999-2020, median: 2008.
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 Ape Escape                                              SCE Japan Studio                PS        1999                    C         22 logs, 1 facts
 LocoRoco                                                SCE Japan Studio                PSP       2006                               1 logs
 Forbidden Siren 2                                       Project Siren                   PS2       2006                               1 logs
 Siren: Blood Curse                                      SCE Japan Studio                PS3       2008                               1 logs
 Knack                                                   SCE Japan Studio                PS4       2013         1 video               1 logs
 The Playroom VR                                         SCE Japan Studio                PS4       2016         2 videos              2 logs
 Astro's Playroom                                        SCE Japan Studio                PS5       2020  Nov    2 videos   M  ***     8 logs

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