Street Fighter (PlayStation 4)

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  • [10407]
    This collection is a cool package. It has the history of the series, including concept artwork, unfinished games, and soundtracks for every game in the main series from I, II, Alpha, and III.
  • 2020-02-16
  • [10408]
    I kind of hate this game. There is a combination of vulnerability and impossibly difficult execution that makes it incredibly frustrating. The vulnerability comes from matches with very fast enemy fighters that can kill you in 2-3 hits, and to help you there are some extremly powerful special moves (fireball, fire punch, and spinning kick) that would make every fight trivial, except that the execution is horribly unreliable. The most effective way of playing for me ended up being putting a sock on my left stick to avoid my fingers being damaged, and just doing quarter circles over and over again while mashing the punch button. Not very fun at all.
  • [10409]
    completed the game on 2/4 difficulty. I got the trophy for completing SF1, so I never have to play it again.


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